Rob OAbout Me:

My name is Rob Overcash and I’m an American expat living in the UK, just outside London. A father of three, and my “day job”, I am also an aspiring photographer. As time allows, my photographic interests are primarily travel, landscape, and automotive/transportation. I enjoy the occassional lifestyle work and have recently begun dabbling in street photography.

I started shooting as an enthusiast (avid hobbiest) around 2004, when I purchased my first DSLR. With the move to England in 2009, and subsequent sabbatical from my career, I began working closer to full time as a freelance photographer and stock contributor.

In addition to taking photos, I also love the editing/post processing aspect and have a true passion for working in the ‘digital darkroom’. In fact, if I’m honest, I’m probably a better retoucher than photographer … although they go hand-in-hand. My philosophy in photography is that visualizing a scene then capturing that image in camera are only the first steps. It doesn’t end after the shutter clicks. Editing tools such as Lightroom and Photoshop should be considered from the beginning, during the visualization stage, and editing techniques included as part of an end-to-end workflow. A lot of what I shoot is done in uncontrolled environments and in less than perfect conditions — i.e., while on family holidays — so factoring in post processing capabilities is essential.

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